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Matrix Rhythm Therapy

Matrix Rhythm Therapy – A German Innovation in the management of Pain and restricted Mobility


Matrix Rhythm Therapy, developed by Dr. U G Randoll is a creative vitally important innovation in the efficient treatment and prevention of a wide variety of medical conditions, especially those connected with disturbances in microcirculation and including illness of the nervous and musculoskeletal system.

About the research:

Dr. U G Randoll, medical scientist in research and practice at Matrix Centre, Munich did his research at the University of Erlangen on “The connections between the biological time patterns and cellular processes on different hierarchical scales” (1989- 1997) using video microscope for the first time which could show cell processes in living human cell biopsies in high resolution and record them live with video camera.

According to Dr U G Randoll’s research, the cells in the human body are always oscillating in a frequency ranging between 8 – 12 Hz provided they are surrounded by healthy extra cellular matrix (the interstitial space around the cell).

The processes of basic cellular regulation are time dependent and follow a clocked pulse. If these fundamental cellular regulations are disturbed symptoms occur in the extra cellular matrix, the connecting tissue or the extra cellular fluid. The rhythmic pulsations of the muscles of the heart allow the blood to be transported in the matrix area with its nourishing substances. By the way of gel diffusion, the substances arrive through the extra cellular matrix due to the different electrically charged membrane of the specific organs. Another way to arrive at the cells does not exist. Medications like oxygen, glucose, insulin, electromagnetic fields have to follow the way. Obstructing the transit zones, be it through far too high viscosity on the grounds of lack of fluids or less flow rate the cellular logistics break down and cells cannot survive, like fishes in water lacking in freshness.


Specially designed and patented resonator of Matrixmobil produces mechanical and magnetic pulsations. These pulsations gently and harmoniously induces the cells to accept again their own analogue oscillations resulting in improved supply of oxygenated blood and nutrition through extra cellular matrix. Elimination of waste products, acids and gases takes place. Improved active cellular transportation results in production of energy in the form of ATP hence healing and regeneration is set in motion.

Matrix Rhythm Therapy is particularly useful in treating the following disorders: