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Our Services

At our centre we carry out a detailed assessment of the patient’s condition and deliver an integrated treatment in an effort to abolishing patients’ pain and regaining lost functional abilities. The Integrated system of treatment we adopt comprises of:


Manual Therapy

A. McKenzie Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment for Spinal conditions such as Slipped Disc, Lumbago, Mechanical Back dysfunctions and Postural issues.

B. Mulligan’s mobilization for restoring full range of movement in conditions such as Frozen Shoulder, Tennis Elbow, Post- operative joint stiffness, Osteoarthritis Knees, Ankle strains and others.

Myofascial release

C. Myofascial Trigger Release techniques to ease out muscular pains such as Myalgia, Fibrositis and a host of muscular strains.

Exercise Therapy

We plan and perform specific and customized exercise therapy for patients using equipments such as Swiss ball, Theratubes, Therabands, Theraputty, Power ball, Medicine ball, dumbbells and weighted cuffs. We also provide inputs on Postural care and lifting methods.


Our Centre is well equipped with Electro-therapeutic, devices such as Shortwave Diathermy TENS Therapy, LASER Therapy, Cervical and Lumbar Traction Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) Device, Wax Therapy, Steam Therapy, Strong Surged Faradic Stimulation, and Muscle Stimulation which are useful adjuncts to earlier Therapies.